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Friday, April 24, 2015

Little People, Big Message..... (Maia)

My name is, Maia and this is my message,

“When I started preschool I needed help to reach things what were up high and to learn how to print my letters. Now I can read and write most of the letters and count to 200 but I am still working on how to write those, ‘2’s’!”

“At school I loved learning about community helpers and dinosaurs. Learning to sing the “Dinosaur Stomp Song” was my favorite! It's so cool!”

Maia is five years old and is off to Kindergarten in the Fall. She is helping us raise awareness of the importance of early learning in our community. Here we share more of her message through the eyes of her parents and teachers. 

According to ECMap data, only 41.9% of Kindergarten children in Brooks & Newell County are developing appropriately in all 5 of the developmental domains! To put it in perspective, if your child is to enter Kindergarten next year, joining a class of 22 peers, only 9 of them would be considered to be developing appropriately. The challenges this brings to the classroom are many and varied. We can change these statistics by getting more children into early childhood programs before they go to Kindergarten!! To learn more about the developmental domains I urge you to visit the ECMap Coalition website.

“The biggest changes we have seen in Maia since starting school are in her abilities with, and interest in, letters and numbers. She is excited about learning and wants to read and write. She will just sit with her little notebook and practice printing letters and asking me how to spell words. She has also developed many friendships and has learned the social skills necessary to be part of a group or class. I know this will help her transition into Kindergarten next year.”

“I would recommend preschool to other parents because it really helps children learn how  to learn and have fun while doing it! It is amazing how quickly their world expands as they are exposed to so many new ideas and people. “

“I am so proud of Maia because she tries so hard and is so determined to stick with things until she masters them. I believe this is partly due to the supportive and enthusiastic teachers!” – Tara & Kent (Maia’s Parents)

 “Through the course of the school year,  Maia has greatly increased her language and thinking skills.  She demonstrates understanding of print carrying a message when she frequently asks 'what does this say?'  Maia recognizes rhyming words, and can name the majority of the letters in the alphabet!
Some goals we are continuing to focus on are recognizing and creating patterns using shapes and colors; both will prepare Maia for further development of her early numeracy skills in Kindergarten this fall.” – Marsha Blake (Maia’s Teacher)

 ECMap data indicates 70.1% of Kindergarten children in Brooks-County of Newell are developing Language & Thinking Skills, in an age appropriate manner.

“ Maia is an example of a Pre-school child who is developing age appropriate skills in this developmental domain, which are appropriate for a child entering Kindergarten.  Is it all right that 29.9% of our Kindergarten children are not ready to enter Kindergarten? We don't think so!  We think as a community of caring people we can do a better job of providing our children with the learning foundations for success in Kindergarten and the grades that follow!” – Jody Rutherford (Director of Education & Programming at BELA)

There are so many programs available to parents in the City and County. Programs created and facilitated by people who have devoted their careers to the development of our littlest learners! We know that the critical years for early learning are birth to age 8 and there are programs and resources available to match your needs at every one of those ages. From Parents As Teachers, to SPEC programs, all the way through preschool and beyond. If you are unsure of what programs would best support your family, please feel free to contact us or any of the programs mentioned here and we will help find the right fit for your child!


Brooks & County Immigration Services

Brooks Early Learning Academy

Brooks Preschool

Duchess Preschool

Parents As Teachers
Grasslands Intervention Offices
403.362.8729 ext 116

SPEC Parent Link Center

We believe in working together to support as many families as we possibly can! Help us to help the children of our communities be the best they can be!


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