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Thursday, March 26, 2015

We Don't Like to Pick Favourites....

We don’t like to pick favorites as far as our themes at BELA go but I can’t help it!  Since I am not part of the teaching staff I also feel that I can get away with it! Community Helpers is my fave! There, I said it. Sorry, Farmyard Friends & Forrest Creatures, Dinosaurs and ‘Amazing Me’….. I just don’t feel the same about you. You are all special and fun in your own way but…..

It is so neat to see how during this theme, our students play is rooted in reality.  Rooted in our world; a world of adults who know how all the pieces fit together. A world full of adults who, for the most part are no longer amazed and excited by how a community works together and functions.  A world of adults who may have gotten so caught up in our day to day that we forget to thank those who make our community run smoothly. We may have forgotten all the great people who are there to help us if we need them.

Our students are seeing a lot of this ‘behind the scenes’ work for the first time! They are starting to see that there is a big world out there, beyond that of their family and close circle of friends. They are just beginning to get an understanding of what the word community means.  It is really cool to watch them as they put all the pieces together. My son, Paxton will point out things that he noticed before and always asked questions about but now he might say, “ Look, Mom! That’s the construction crew. They are community helpers too!” (Same goes for the snowplow driver and the garbage man and sometimes a random skateboarder ;) ).

Our students are starting to see that they too play a role in our community. They will interact with all these people and may experience the services they provide! And oh are they interested in these people! So many questions!! Luckily we are blessed to live in a community where, our helpers will come in and teach our students about what they do! Over the past few years we have had visits from Nurses, Teachers, Physiotherapists, Firefighters, Doctors, Policemen and more! There is nothing better than watching these students try to wrap their brain around the role these community members play and then see them apply what they have learned in their play at BELA.

 Paxton asked me the other day, “ Ya, Mom but why are Firefighters and Police so brave? they just know how?  It's just part of the job?”

 Part of the job?!  ( this is the part where my heart might explode with love for this guy. He is so serious about work!!) Those words are something Pax heard, repeated to me and asked for deeper understanding about because they resonated with him! He feels so excited to be part of the world outside our home and family! He waves to the garbage man and yells, “ Great job, see ya next time!” He wants to tell everyone about the community helpers he met at the Emergency room last weekend. He wears his Auntie’s stethoscope around the house and listens to all our hearts. He is dreaming about becoming a community helper himself when he grows up.

So many reasons to love this theme! This is just the beginning for our little learners. When they reach Kindergarten and Grade 1 they will spend even more time learning about communities. I hope they will continue to feel amazed and grateful! I hope, as adults that we can pause once in awhile and feel amazed and grateful too! We, at BELA appreciate all the helpers in the City of Brooks and surrounding area that make our community a great place to live!  Thank you to those who came in to see our students.  They are enlightened, they are inspired and they are dreaming big dreams of being like you!!

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